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is a Chiropractor and Clinical Nutritionist in Massapequa Long Island. His encounter with God through his meeting with Mother Teresa early in his career set the tone for the kind of practice he would pursue. While blessing his hands she requested that each person he layed his hands on would be seen by him as if they were Christ. This has been a great challenge to say the least!; however as a result he attempts to bring that spirit to ordinary everyday folks while treating their pains and their illnesses. To see more of Dr K's activities and healing approach click Dr. Kevin Kulik above and go to his website @


A Once in a Liftime letter!

by Dr. Kevin Kulik

As a Doctor, I receive many letters
from patients that affect me deeply,
but a number of years ago I received a letter
that completely changed my life!

Dear Kevin, Margaret said,
I don't know where to begin...

She thought she had the flu and saw her doctor.
She was told that she had a bad case of the German measles
but there was one problem.
She was also pregnant.

She was told that the German measles or rubella
in the early stages of pregnancy
can increase the chances of birth defects
sometimes by up to 90%!
(fetuses who are infected with rubella during the first twenty weeks
of pregnancy develop what's called congenital rubella syndrome)

The picture was very bleak
and the Dr. immediately recommended
an abortion.

The poor woman now in tears
looked at the Dr. and said

"but I want my baby!"

The Dr. persisted in describing the hopeless and dark picture
that was ahead of her if she did not trust his medical advise.
She looked at him again and said

" I'll put my trust in God!"

She tried to block out those terrible words
that kept ringing through her frightened mind
growth defects,
neurological disorders,
mental retardation,

For almost 9 months
she would awake night after night
sweating and screaming
as her husband tried to console her
from her nightmares.

With baited breath
Margaret went into labor
and was rushed to the hospital.
The child was born miraculously healthy,
with the exception of a chest cavity deformity.
The relieved but nervous doctor
tried to break the tension with a joke by saying
"so, the kid won't be the
best lookin kid on the beach!"
In what seemed to feel like less than a season,
18 years came and went for this mother and her child.
Some might say that it was the end of one life,
others say it was the beginning of another.
I was told that somewhere between
highschool and college,
children flounder between
the holding on of youthful innocence,
and the falling from God's holy grace.
It is a time when there are difficult choices to be made.
Choices of worldly pleasures,
choices to follow the faith
passed on by our
mothers and our fathers before us.
In any event
God gives each of us
"the right to choose"
right or wrong
to making both good decisions,
and terrible mistakes.

This child would have made many
poor and potentially deadly choices,
if it were not for a
" letter"
written at this most reckless age.

You see, I received this letter in 1973
when the killing of babies
was just made legal in the United States.
Drugs, sex, and rock n roll
was the homily that society
was preaching from her pulpits.
But because of this simple letter,
"a new wind"
blew into the sails
of that developing and curious child
and corrected it's course.
If this letter seems a bit mysterious,
let me make it perfectly clear,
this letter and all that is contained within it,
is about none other than your humble author....; Kev

For I am the broken fetus
fixed by faith and love
after the world said to "throw it away!"
I am the deformed fetus
who's congenital defects
were completely healed before
"this kid ever even hit the beach!"
I am the blind fetus,
who's mother patiently waited 18 years
in order to mail this timely letter;
so that God could give sight to a child
she had only briefly borrowed.
I am the mentally retarded fetus
who went on to become a doctor,
to call others to healing and life
in this culture of death.

Finally, I am the stillborn fetus
that has given life to children of my very own now,
so I might share this wonderful letter
of my mom, with them ...
... and with you!

Dr Kevin Kulik practices on Long Island NY.

It is his hope and prayer to inspire the Catholic Chiropractor to

"Be Christ" to their patients by his stories.

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Blogger Dr Kevin Kulik said...

Dear Kevin,

A true story but only the names have been changed.
One day one of my patients came in for her usual follow up visit for a typical sacroiliac problem. My schedule was at heavy that afternoon and I was bit over tired and was going to rescheduled her visit, but something told me differently. I usually listen to that something for I believe it was the Holy Spirit. Instead of preparing for her treatment, she sat down in the chair hinting to me she had something more to say than just good afternoon. I knew her mother had cancer and thought that she had worse news. Joan was a non practicing Jewish young woman and at times asked me spiritual questions. "Doctor I am pregnant", she said. . I was delighted for her, even though she was single. All life is a gift. But she said, ''my doctor told me I should have an abortion since I take anti depressive medication and now I am starting to bleed. I am single and have little support. I am schedule tomorrow. What shall I do?'' My reaction was without forethought. Joan you are a smart woman, you can support yourself and the baby with another job, your medication may not effect the baby, we can look that up, and you know this life is a gift not to be destroyed.' She responded, '' I know you are a Catholic and I want you to pray for me.'' I touch her abdomen and prayed in silence as hard as I could for both of them. That night the bleeding stopped and six months later she delivered a healthy baby boy who I held in my arms when he was just 4 hours old. Today I am the proud godmother of a 7 year old Jewish boy named Isaac.
Karen Shields Wright, DC

6:15 PM  

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