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is a Chiropractor and Clinical Nutritionist in Massapequa Long Island. His encounter with God through his meeting with Mother Teresa early in his career set the tone for the kind of practice he would pursue. While blessing his hands she requested that each person he layed his hands on would be seen by him as if they were Christ. This has been a great challenge to say the least!; however as a result he attempts to bring that spirit to ordinary everyday folks while treating their pains and their illnesses. To see more of Dr K's activities and healing approach click Dr. Kevin Kulik above and go to his website @


The 2nd most powerful prayer in the world!

Spiritual economics 101
by Dr. Kevin Kulik

In the following verse of scripture
we see that Jesus commends the shrewd but dishonest steward.
He remarks that they are much more astute
than the children of light.
There is a sense of sadness in His words
and is encouraging the children of light
to be as shrewd
and use every available means to obtain eternal life!

The Parable of the Dishonest Steward.
* "For the children of this world
are more prudent
in dealing with their own generation
than are the children of light. *
How can we become rich?
The Church has spiritual wealth
over flowing with treasure!

How can we tap into it?

God says to simply ask and you will receive
but how many have learned to ask?
If a bank offered an interest rate of return even 1-2% higher
than all its competitors
within days the news would spread quickly.
The Catholic church offers a rate of return
"infinitely" higher than any other church
or anything the world could offer,
yet many even within Her sweet borders
fail to recognize Her gifts.

During a revelation the Blessed Mother
tells of Her sorrow because of the vast multitude of people
that simply don't ask for the many graces available to them.
Let us now explore them with the hope that this simple lesson
will cause your spiritual life to literally explode with power;
real power!

We are taught to "pray always"
but this command has dumbfounded every generation.

How do we work and raise a family and " pray always?"

... the daily offering.

Let us explore this most precious treasure.

It is important to note that we are commanded to
"Love God with our whole heart,
our whole mind,
and our whole strength."

Therefore with a busy schedule it is imperative that this prayer
(as all forms of prayer)
be prayed with all of our heart
if this is going to transform our lives.
God is so generous that He is willing to "count"
as prayer the simplest and smallest action
even from the most boring and mundane life
if we only ask Him to!

This is how St. Teresa, Mother Teresa, Blessed Jose Escriva
among countless others
climbed to such great spiritual heights.

Simply offer up all of our thoughts, words, actions
and even our weaknesses
of this day to Him.

Place them on the paten and in the chalice of God’s holy altar
with all the holy masses said throughout time and eternity.
Outside of our existence time really does not exist for God.
All exists in the present moment.
That is why it is critical to be
"in the present moment".
For the grace of God is only offered to us
when we need it
and that can only be dispensed
in the present moment.
A great deception of the devil has always been
to preoccupy the soul with the worries of the future
or the regrets of the past
because the soul is then deprived of its life giving grace.

The Holy sacrifice of the mass is without exception
the greatest source of infinite grace.
The grace we receive has no boundaries
and its only limit
is directly proportionate to the faith and love
in which we offer our prayer.
This is why our greatest hope should be
that someday we can offer our prayer to God with
"pure" love,
for on that day we may very well die of joy!
Mother Teresa said that to achieve great holiness
one does not need to do great things,
only to do everything with great love!
Many people have said , what if I sin?
Isn’t offering my sin like a slap in the face to God?
Scripture tells us that even a just man falls 7x's a day;
of course offer up your sin, and all your weakness as well!
He is the only one who can take your greatest weakness
and turn it into your greatest strength!

Offer those things to your hearts desire namely,
the Sacred heart of Jesus and our Immaculate mother.
While you pray you are asking Jesus
to turn your heart of stone into
His living beating heart of Divine Love.
When we remember that "Our Lady" is Jesus’ Mother
and our own mother,
we make Him our very own brother
and part of a greater family
that is so much stronger than any blood tie on earth.

This family is the Church established By Christ.
Our consecration should be prayed
for the intention of the church as well as our own.
By performing this act of consecration
with the communion of Saints,
here blossoms the dynamic power that happens each and every minute of your day.

You are offering all that you do,
down to your very breath for the intentions of the Holy Father
which allows us to be given
every grace, blessing, and indulgence of the day.

It is wise to add the routine of confession to your schedule as many large indulgences (like plenary indulgences which remove all the punishment due to sin) require this sacrament. The church prescribes that in the case of a plenary indulgence, communion, confession, as well as prayer for the Holy Father which we already perform each day, should be done within approximately a week to obtain the indulgence. By adding the examination of conscience to your daily activity each night you will begin to "know yourself" and always be prepared to make a good confession and obtain the greatest amount of grace possible for the present state of your soul. There are of course a multitude of graces, blessing, and indulgences available to us without confession but under all conditions we must be in the state of grace to receive them.

We then move to the intercession of all the angels
and the power of the Saints (Church triumphant),
we pray with and for
the suffering souls in purgatory (church suffering)
and all holy men and women. ( the Church militant)

The souls in purgatory are tremendously forgotten allies
in this battle we fight on earth.
By praying for them and asking for their intercession
they tirelessly pray for our sanctification,
especially the souls that are suffering
for the very same sins that we are now committing!
They are so grateful for our prayers
because even if they prayed a 1000 years for themselves,
they could not diminish even one moment of their purification.
This simple prayer allows you to ease them from their suffering,
while in turn they simultaneously help propel you
to new spiritual heights!

It is also important to include all Holy men and women
as these living souls
require tremendous grace to support the battle they fight
" against principalities and powers".
Now that your prayer has gained
incredible power and strength
we use this power to ask God
for our own personal help,
namely for the remission of our many sins and weaknesses,
for the sins of our family,
and of the world.

Each thought, each action of our day
now acts to expiate our sins,
to bring us to new life instead of sin
through the Blood of the lamb.
We also become an intercessor
for all the people of our family
and even the sins of the world.
Is this not the plan that Jesus had for us?
That we are to share in the redemption of the cross
by offering ourselves as
a living breathing sacrifice?

As our prayer is purified
we become more and more like our crucified savior
and share in the redemptive plan and life of the Father!
Jesus said
"take my yoke upon you for my burden is light." MT 11:30
What could be easier
than simply offering up the very same joys, and sorrows today
that were wasted and meaningless yesterday?
This is the simple way to Sainthood!
No need for hair shirts here,
each moment contains within it,
all that is needed for our salvation and our perfection!
We indeed do not become "Christlike",
but as Mother Teresa said,
we "become Christ"
when we pray and suffer for sinners.
We do this by doing what Jesus asked of us;
to pray for the conversion of sinners
and the salvation of souls.

In conclusion,
there is an old saying
that if you want something done quickly,
give the job to a busy person!
The same is true for our prayer.
As we grow deeper in our relationship with Christ,
more and more people will ask for our prayers.
It is virtually impossible
but for the grace of God
to honor all those request.
Therefore as part of our prayer
we might include the intentions of
all those people and things
that we have promised to pray for.
This can be an incredibly powerful part of our prayer
if our intention is pure and focused.
We become a prayer warrior for so many.
As part of our New Years resolution each year
we might write down
and keep in a special place,
as many intentions as we can remember
including all the people we have ever met
or will meet in our lifetime.
Won't it be consoling to know that every single person
that has ever made our acquaintance
no matter how casual
has been blessed,
simply because we met them or will met them!
The world will indeed be a better place
because you are in it! You become a great light in the darkness!
You also are praying for your future friends,
possible children, and spouse!
When you encounter difficult people and circumstances
they have already been prayed for!

Sound far fetched?

God promises to give us everything we pray for,
and He means everything
as long it is good for our soul.

What could be better?

Get radical!

Pray "outside the box"

instead of wishing
for a miracle in our life,
we will be living
the miracle in our life !

Ps. In case you are still wondering why this prayer
is called the 2nd most powerful prayer,
it is because it is 2nd of course to the mass.
As a matter of fact this prayer
was originally created as a prayer
for people to say during the offertory of the mass
which makes it part of the
#1 most powerful prayer there is!...
the Mass!

When you pray this prayer at the offertory of the mass you will find that it takes exactly the same time for the priest to complete the offertory!
Try it!
This is your prayer from the heart, your offering to God,
however you may want to use the
following form:
Eternal Father , I offer you the Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity, of your most dearly beloved Son our Lord Jesus Christ.

Lord, I offer to you this day, all that I am, all that I wish to be, and all that you want me to be! I offer all of my words, thoughts, actions, and weaknesses of this day, through your merits and sufferings in union with this mass and all the holy masses said throughout the world today and throughout time and eternity. I unite myself to your most Sacred Heart and to the Immaculate Heart of OUR sweet mother Mary. I unite myself with and for the intentions of your most holy Church. Especially the Holy Father, so that we may be given every grace, (+ make the sign of the cross+) blessing and indulgence of this day. All the angels and saints( especially my guardian angel and the St I venerate today), the suffering souls in purgatory( especially), and all holy men and women. For the remission of my many sins, the sins of my family, and the sins of the world. For the salvation and conversion of all sinners, and for all those people and things that I have promised to pray for, by the power of your most Holy Spirit.



Dr Kevin Kulik practices on Long Island NY.

It is his hope and prayer to inspire the Catholic to "Be Christ" by his stories.

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very inspirational, especially at a time when the frenzied pace of the days before Christmas start to blur the real meaning of the Day and season.

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